Anabolic fasting cory g fitness

Hi, I'm a 16 year old girl and I'd like to ask some questions about this diet.
1). It is stated that I have to adapt for 4 weeks and then go through a bulking phase in order to get into the weight losing part. Is it possible to just lose weight without the bulking part?
2). How long does the whole process take until I can eat normally again?
3).Also, my uncle did this diet but he mixed it up a little by having 2 weeks of high fat no carbs and then 2 weeks of healthy eating and after that he slowly went back to his normal eating habits and he said it worked. Is it possible to try that way or it wouldn't work?
4). How active should I be while I'm doing the anabolic diet? And what type of sports should I do?
I really hope you'll answer all my questions because I'm very confused and I'm interested in trying out the diet, thank you!

Here's the gist of it: it follows the same principles as intermittent fasting. AKA do not eat for 16 hours then you can eat for 8 hours. The 8 hours is when he implements the anabolic diet concept. The first 2-3 meals are heavily focused on protein, veggies, and fat; for example, 1 pound of ground meat, a freezer bag of veggies, and then an avocado. He recommends this eating regiment for those heavy calorie meals. However, towards the end of your fast, before you go to bed, he uses the carb spike concept. He recommends eating a banana with some peanut butter. This carb spike/crash occurs while you sleep; as a result, you will sleep better and feel better in the morning during your fast.

Anabolic fasting cory g fitness

anabolic fasting cory g fitness


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