Asn anabolic whey protein

To provide the optimal environment for recuperation and growth we must supply a high concentration of amino acids and growth factors immediately after training to stimulate protein synthesis. The problem is most proteins are too slow to enter muscle cells straight after training because it has to be digested. HP-100 however overcomes this problem, the only protein to do so. Because HP-100 was designed using advanced `NANO` technology and controlled hydrolysis techniques, it provides intact`digested` growth and immune factors with an array of amino acids, including high levels of BCAA`s, ready for immediate absorption. When taken straight after training, muscle cells literally`gorge` themselves full of peptide amino acids provided by HP-100 to signal anabolism within the muscle cell. This provides accelerated maximum muscle growth and recovery.

Supreme Anabolic Whey  has been  infused  with  ZMA, Tribulus Terrestris, Glycine, Creatine Monohydrate, L-Glutamine and Taurine . This will  increase Growth Hormone  and  testosterone Production  as well as promote  lean muscle growth  and boost  muscle recovery . During intense training, your BCAA levels drop, causing your body to go catabolic and break down muscle tissue. This, in turn, depletes your immune system and affects recovery. Supplementing with  NPL’s Supreme Anabolic Whey  ensures  optimal muscle recovery  by  supplying high levels of BCAA’s  and other  essential amino acids  to your muscles. By preventing muscle tissue breakdown, you enable your body to  utilize fat as an energy source .

Asn anabolic whey protein

asn anabolic whey protein


asn anabolic whey proteinasn anabolic whey proteinasn anabolic whey proteinasn anabolic whey proteinasn anabolic whey protein