Chinese olympic swimmers steroids

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A month after the World Championships, Sun competed in China's 12th National Games , which are held every four years. At this competition, Sun was vying to become the first man to win seven gold medals at a single championship. To do this, he added the 100 metre freestyle to his repertoire, typically an event reserved for sprinters. With the games holding the same schedule as the Olympics, he first competed in the 400 metre freestyle, winning in 3:, over a second ahead of Hao Yun . The following day, he won the 4 × 100 metre freestyle relay event, swimming the anchor leg in seconds. He followed his performances the next day by setting a new Asian record in the 200 metre freestyle with a time of 1:, about half a second faster than his time in London. This time was a follow up to the 1: anchor leg he had swum on the 4 × 200 metre freestyle relay the 2013 World Championships. He showed his versatility the next day when he won bronze in the 100 metre freestyle, getting under 49 seconds for the first time with a time of seconds. [24]

Of course there are also some other issues with the current analysis. In most cases the most current population data is used for analysis here, even though many of the medals were won during earlier Olympics were the population would have been lower. The assumption is that the relative populations between countries is similar over time, but this is probably not always the case. This analysis also assumes an even distribution of medals over time, which is also not correct. Finland may historically be the best performing country per capita, but they may not currently be as successful as they have been in the past.

Chinese olympic swimmers steroids

chinese olympic swimmers steroids


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