Clobetasol steroid potency

For Atopic Dermatitis: "My dyshidrotic eczema has been fairly constant for the past decade. Prior it was caused by food prep (was a cook), now it just is for no apparent reason. I have used betamethazone and cordran tape, with limited results. Dyshidrotic eczema requires strong medicine. My condition gets pretty chronic with peeling dry patches that often have persistent painful cracking. Within a couple of weeks of intentional use, the condition gets much better. It never goes completely away, but is much more manageable. I apply at night most days, if it has a flare up, then several times a day. I'm not sure of all of the different ways you can get clobetasol, but I use ointment. If you need a medicine this strong, be thankful it exists! It gets it done!"

Thanks for replying. I had acupuncture to see if it would help with the shoulder but also with migraines I had started to suffer about 3 months after my injury, it causes a lot of tension in my neck and upper back. It did help with migraines but didn't help the shoulder. I had 8 sessions. I'm confused really as I was told the steroid injection would buy me a window in which I could do more physio, which hasn't worked in the past either. Mine really varies, at its worst I couldn't raise my arm without pain, changing gear in my car was awful, dressing over head, can't lie on my side to sleep, can't lie on my back to sleep. At its best which as I said in my original post is probably the last few days, it's much better pain and movement wise. It still aches a lot but I'm wondering if this is short lived relief .

So glad I found your site after reading all the other alarming information. I was diagnosed a year ago with LS, but everyone has talked of Gynaecologist referals so how come I ended up in Dermotology? What worries me are the lumps & bumps which are referred to and which I have plus blisters. Help is this normal? I am using an emulent based cream for washing & barrier protection & a stronger steriod cream (as the first cream didn’t work, but having said that, was I not using enough, as they say sparingly!) How do you know if you are reacting to the creams etc with this problem? How demoralised I feel as a woman who looked forward to & shortly enjoyed the freedom of sex after her hysterectomy to now not being able to have sex. (Sorry feeling low). Its also funny that after the ‘op’ I started swimming again & it is said that clorine can affect you, it was a few months after when problems started together with a reaction to 2 medications really kick started it. I also have read that you can be alergic to ‘sperm fluid’ is this then also another starting point after the ‘op’ since previous protection used?

Clobetasol steroid potency

clobetasol steroid potency


clobetasol steroid potencyclobetasol steroid potencyclobetasol steroid potencyclobetasol steroid potencyclobetasol steroid potency