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Why do so many people hate on the man?
He’s a great actor who could easily have excelled at boxing, bodybuilding, or any sport that he dedicated himself to.
Fact is, Wahlberg is the real deal.
Years ago when he publicly stated that had he been on the plane on 9/11 the hijackers would have received a “beat down” from him.
The majority of the public chastised him.
Truth is, with some assistance Mark Wahlberg had the mental and physical capabilities to make good on that promise.
I could honestly see Wahlberg putting a real hurtin on those hijackers.
Would it have changed the outcome?
Who knows.

I have all these symptoms too... the heart palpitations, sweating, flushing, feeling extra emotional. My coworker said something to me that normally would not upset me and I started to have tears in my eyes and I couldn't help it at all I had to walk away. I thought it was probably all due to my anxiety but I've never experienced it like this before. I got 8 trigger point injections in my thoracic area on Friday, so it's almost been a week for me now. I am also wondering when my back pain should feel better?? My doctor also never told me any of this, I can't believe how common it seems to be!!

I know the conundrum you are in. I teach 7th grade. I was in some pain, but did not have much of a rash. It was caught fairly early by a nurse practitioner. Started the antiviral pills and missed a few on the 8 hour mark, but finished them. I did go to school, but fell asleep for 2 to 3 hours as soon as I got home AND would sleep my normal amount at night. Slept 11 to 12 hours on Friday and Saturday night. Napped Sunday. Finally, took last Monday off and slept late. Went back to the doctor's again that afternoon. A different nurse practitioner told me I just need to rest. Wanted to prescribe an antidepressant for the pain. I would rather not take one, so she suggested Tylenol for the pain. It helps.

Do naps steroids work

do naps steroids work


do naps steroids workdo naps steroids workdo naps steroids work