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No. This is stupid. The team is trying to make a stupid decision to "win now" and I'm supposed to just blindly say it's a great move? Ridiculous, this is a terrible idea, even if it's relatively good value for Stanton, the team is not even remotely in a position to do this. I'm not being negative by saying this team sucks, I'm being realistic, and I wish the front office would do the same. We had our fun, it's over, let's build so we can one day do it again. Selling whatever semblance for a farm system we have left for a superstar is a bad idea, and there's no way they take the offer above.

All three AI experts agreed that ethical considerations must be at the forefront of research. "One thing I'm seeing among my own faculty is the realization that we, technologists, computer scientists, engineers who are building AI, have to appeal to someone else to create these programs," said Moore. When coming up with a driverless car, for example, how does the car decide what to do when an animal comes into the road? When you write the code, he said, there's the question: how much is an animal's life worth next to a human's life? "Is one human life worth the lives of a billion domestic cats? A million? A thousand? I would hate to be the person writing that code."

Reddit steroids source

reddit steroids source


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