Steroidal compounds definition

Samples containing Compound Nos. 1, 3, and 5 of the present invention and, as a comparative drug, betamethasone 17-valerate, at a concentration of 10 -3 M each, were prepared using, an inflammation-inducing base material, as a mixture consisting of croton oil, ether, pyridine, and water (5:70:20:5). Wistar male rats, age 5 weeks, each group consisting of 5, were served for the test. The test samples and an inflammation-inducing base material (control) were infiltrated into circular felts (each 400 μl/felt) fixed onto specially prepared tweezers and the right auricles of the animals were put between the tweezers to apply the samples (800 μl/auricle) for 15 seconds at a constant pressure of 500 gw. After 6 hours, the both auricles were punched (φ 9 mm) and weighed.

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Steroidal compounds definition

steroidal compounds definition


steroidal compounds definitionsteroidal compounds definitionsteroidal compounds definitionsteroidal compounds definitionsteroidal compounds definition