Stewie steroids episode

Ahsan Haque of IGN gave the episode a score of out of 10, commending Chris's storyline and praising Stewie's temporary build, but criticizing the staleness of Meg's continued poor treatment. [8] Steve Heisler of The . Club gave a much more critical review giving the episode a grade of a C. Heisler stated that neither of the storylines "held any water", because they were "ridiculously short". He also commented: "I'm starting to wonder if this show is even watchable anymore – 18 minutes of filler, 45 seconds of inspired silliness." [15]

When Peter takes Stewie to the gym to learn weightlifting (after Stewie loses a fight with young Susie Swanson), he allows an unscrupulous trainer to inject Stewie with steroids. Stewie - a mini-muscle man - asserts himself to Brian after the dog warns him about the ill effects of steroids. Meanwhile, Connie D'Amico learns what it is like to walk in Meg's shoes after she asks Chris out (intending it to be a short-lived relationship), the relationship actually goes somewhere then, at a party at the Griffins (where Meg is not invited), Chris breaks up with Connie to date two other girls. Written by Brian Rathjen <briguy_52748@>

Stewie steroids episode

stewie steroids episode


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