T3 and anabolics

The side effects of Dianabol vary greatly depending on your individual tolerance, your dosage, and your stack choices. For the most part, though, healthy and fit men tend to tolerate Dbol quite well. The two most common Dianabol side effects for men come from its high estrogen conversion rate. Almost all users experience some bloating and discomfort, and some men develop gynecomastia, or female breast tissue. To avoid these, be certain to incorporate an aromatase inhibitor into your Dianabol cycle. What’s more, bloating increases blood pressure due to the extra fluid in the body. To combat this, you can find many diuretics over the counter.

LGD-4033 is as good or better than whT I've used in past. Compared to Primevil Super LGD.
Exemstane works exactly like it is supposed to. I'm trying to dial in dosage. And twice got high E symptoms specifically bloat and some labored breathing. (From the transdermal trestolone I'm running in cycle) Exemestane totally wiped out symptoms in 24 hours at mg lasts a good 48 to 72 hours.
Mk-677- notice some bloat after dosing and also start getting sleepy 30-60 minutes after dosing. Only at 12 mg right now. Noticing incredible nail quality at 12 mg
Clomid- haven't cracked open yet
S-23-haven't cracked it open yet

T3 and anabolics

t3 and anabolics


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