Testo drosta winstrol

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However, customers are cautioned that, after receiving their Free Trial, if they do not cancel within 18 days of the original order, they will be charged a total of $ for a month’s supply of this supplement and its complementary supplement, Alpha Ripped. After another 30 days, customers will be automatically entered into an auto-payment plan, where they will be charged $ each month and receive the two supplements. Customers who wish to cancel this subscription are directed to call the toll-free number listed on the Alpha for Men website. Customers should be sure to check their billing carefully, as there have been concerns about similar auto-payment programs that led to unfortunate frustrations.

I'm a little disappointed, I actually posted a review on here.
was a
first time customer, trying you guys out, and when I went
entire process at the end it told me to send a payment to a
is apparently not used anymore. Well now I've been told to just
cancel it by whomever I talked to via sales email, and now I'm
$20 just for the stupid processing of the payment. Which isn't
fault at all because all I did was send the payment to what
website told me to do. I still would like to order with you
try it out but I can't even get a reply back, plus I'm
frustrated that I've flushed money down the drain just because
website isn't updated with the proper information.

Testo drosta winstrol

testo drosta winstrol