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You shouldn't simply assume that if you don't have any outstanding debts, the debt collector is a fake. A legitimate debt collector may be attempting to collect a valid debt based on false information attributing that debt to you — and it's always possible that you have actual debts that you didn't realize were in your name, such as a defaulted account on which you are a co-signer, or fraudulent charges from identity theft. If you would like to monitor your credit to prevent identity theft and see your credit reports and scores, check out our credit monitoring service .

Daniels Silverman is a family-owned business with over 20 years' experience in debt recovery and we leave no stone unturned in our quest to collect debts for our clients. We have recognised quality assurance to ISO 9001, are regulated by the FCA and operate in the UK, Europe and worldwide. Our service is unique and based on the simple truth that one size does not fit all. From our hand-picked team of specialists we will choose the most appropriate skills for your requirements and provide a tailored debt collection approach that acts swiftly to recover your debts. We also dedicate an account manager to each client so that you have one point of contact from start to finish. To us, no problem is insurmountable. Through our key values of intuition, integrity, ingenuity and persistence we aim to become the most effective and ethical debt collection agency in the UK. Expect more debt collected The acid test in debt collection is results and ours are the best in the industry. In fact we regularly recover debts that other agencies say can't be recovered. And we always do this justly, complying fully with the Treating Customers Fairly principles laid down by the FCA. Our mantra is: if a debt is collectable we will collect it. No matter how old, large or small the debt and regardless of industry sector or location, we treat each debt as a new challenge and look at every challenge with fresh eyes. We’re so confident of our ability to collect the uncollectable that we would love you to take our ‘Champion Challenge’, in which you benchmark us against your existing debt collection methods to determine which approach is the most effective. We have never lost a ‘Champion Challenge’ and would be delighted to prove to you why. EXPECT MORE INGENUITY We are the smarter debt collector at every level; from how we choose the best people to the way we utilise the latest technology.

Uk debt collector steroids

uk debt collector steroids


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