Universal animal m-stak is a steroid

My experience with animal stak, when I first started thinking about using stak I was cutting, not for a contest or anything but more for peace of mind. I read that people had really good results using stak for cutting when its usually used for bulking. Im 79kg 172cm 10% bf. My staple supps are animal pak, glucosimine, zma(removed while on stak) and cod liver oil. Any other supps I take are purely for trial runs. I had been cutting for about 2 months or so making really good progress, I moved all my carbs to 1600-2000 time slot and doing 30 min spin bike every other day (every other day from that is gym day). When I started using animal stak I was hoping that I could continue to lose bf at a reasonable rate and (I know this is impossible) add some muscle at the same time. So first thing I noticed was about 4 days into using stak I had a pretty crazy strength gain, it was a back day and I was doing rows and I just seemed to be able to bang out way more on what is usually my final weight. I try not to over do the weight so in my routines I just did a an extra set on heavy. After the initial strength gain, not much more happened until that last couple of days of the 21 day cycle, where I was just looking solid, very happy with my appearance. The directions state that you should have a 7 day break, I decided to come off all my supps. Partly because science I guess, and I just felt that my body needed it. I went back on the stak 8 days later as thats when it got delivered. Over the week I was off all my supps I held all my size and strength. After going back on stak for the 2nd cycle not much happened until the 6th day or so, I felt that I had actually lost strength and gained a lot of mass, I pretty much weigh the same but I feel like I look awesome and full. So more on how I feel that ive lost strength, it was on a chest day where I was just warming up and 2 working sets into my routine I felt ruined! I had to really back off the weight, when I was using moderate weight it was fine, I was still able to do 20 or so body weight wide grip pull ups or 70 push ups but anything more than 50kg on the bar felt more like 100kg. It was almost as if I was getting a pump way too early on/ too strong. I felt strict of movement. Benefits though, I do feel an increased sense of mind to muscle connection. My routines since losing a bit of strength have been great though, im just getting a better squeeze on all my lifts. And with a crazy pump, I dont take any kind of pre workout or no booster. I am very happy with how my sessions are going and I will continue to use this product here and there. I hope this helps anyone looking to try stak. Or to see how it may have effected someone else if you have tried it.

Leucine may well be the most critical amino for the strength athlete. It is a key essential amino acid that has been shown to work independently of insulin, for increasing the phosphorylation (activation) of key proteins involved in the regulation of protein synthesis. What does this mean? Well it means that leucine is the major factor for turning on the processes that maximize protein synthesis—one of the keys to optimizing whole body protein balance. And yeah, M-Stak, being that it's a natural anabolic, ensures that all natural anabolic bases are covered.*

Universal animal m-stak is a steroid

universal animal m-stak is a steroid


universal animal m-stak is a steroiduniversal animal m-stak is a steroiduniversal animal m-stak is a steroiduniversal animal m-stak is a steroiduniversal animal m-stak is a steroid