Veterinary pharmacology corticosteroids

Up to now, Switzerland has never had comprehensive, continually updated guidelines for the prescription of veterinary antibiotics. However, experience in other areas of veterinary pharmacotherapy has shown the considerable impact that an online tool can have. We are, therefore, launching a stewardship platform that combines practical recommendations on antibiotics with a resistance reporting system. The aim is to create a user-friendly tool to facilitate the prudent use of antibiotics in livestock, horses, companion and exotic animals. In order to verify the effectiveness of this online tool, we will conduct two trials to collect data on changes in the use of antibiotics at university veterinary hospitals and private practices. We will also carry out a broad survey of Switzerland's veterinary community. These trials will improve the recommendations and determine whether this online decision support system constitutes a valuable aid to optimize and reduce the use of antimicrobials.

One of our main goals is to increase compliance. Our creation of the original VetChews® in which the raw drug is compounded into a chewable treat base form has dramatically increased compliance for many patients. VetChews® are available in meat and fish flavors such as beef, tuna, liver, chicken, fish and seafood. Sweet feed and alfalfa flavored VetChews® are popular with equine. Some small animals, such as ferrets and rabbits, like yogurt and peanut butter. VetChews® are also available in real fruit flavors such as banana, cherry, apple, peach, apricot, etc. The extensive choice in flavors not only increases the success in treating the animal but also makes administering the medication easier for veterinarians and pet owners.

Veterinary pharmacology corticosteroids

veterinary pharmacology corticosteroids


veterinary pharmacology corticosteroidsveterinary pharmacology corticosteroidsveterinary pharmacology corticosteroidsveterinary pharmacology corticosteroidsveterinary pharmacology corticosteroids